Re-import an existing show

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Hi there,

I was curious on if it’s possible on re-importing entire shows… I’ve noticed with a few shows that the names are off and a few episodes missing. So I’m like: sod it, just redownload the whole thing in a full version and overwrite.

But this raises 2 questions:

  • Can I fully re-import shows?
  • how to keep the naming from the download? I know it’s been an issue with American Dad… but… well the shows in question are: Friends, Big Bang Theory, Mythbusters and American Dad…
    I’m kinda afraid that even if I fully reimport… it will just go back to old and screw up again. What’s a good approach to avoid this (and also with future episodes for Am Dad), as I know I manually did it on Mythbusters, but yeh do not want to redo that sh*show again ?

Why do you need to reimport the show to rename episodes?

How will reimporting the show add missing episodes?

But yes you should be able to reimport the show, but that has nothing to do with renaming episodes nor searching for missing episodes and there’s 0 need to add/remove the show to accomplish those already native functionalities

I downloaded the full series of each (so all seasons)

and I assume they are complete (would be silly to call it “all seasons” on the download otherwise :smiley: )

So I just want to replace “what I have” where I’m sure a few are missing, a few are wrongly named and god knows what else is wrong…

But naming is a different thing. Seeing some shows (at least American Dad and Mythbusters) use weird naming for their episodes, there’s a whole thing between tvdb and their naming, but both sides are stuborn so it’s fubar. Long story short with this: I don’t care how sonarr does it, but as long as I have a list with all episodes with proper names, I couldn’t care less about what season it’s in… as long as I have all epsodes in some order and new episodes get downloaded in similar/proper order… I’m fine with it.

Sounds like you just need to do a wanted -> manual import of the series; or if they exist in the series folder already then series -> manual import

And then rename via mass editor (also covered on the wiki)

Yeh I know the mass editor, but how does this ensure naming? Take American Dad, this be the issue I’m on about.

Very simple what I want: I want to import American Dad, have all episodes sorted and named in whatever order… as long as when a new episode arrives this order stays and not screwed up at a later stage.

Similar for all the other shows, I know friends and bbt will not have this issue… but the base of my fear is the same… if sonarr does order A, but download is order B … how to not make it go wrong?

cool thanks. That semi solves it, was going to say about mythbusters but then saw it in the list as well :slight_smile: