Radarr has "discover new movies" Why has Radarr not "discover new tv series"


So im Requsting and asking:
Radarr has “discover new movies” Why has Radarr not “discover new tv series”

Sonarr really needs the same feature.
Show all current and upcoming shows, let us select the ones we want the the ones we don’t like ignore.

Would be a great and really necessary feature :slight_smile:


(I see some one asking something like this back in 2015 and 2016, but nothing was made, so im asking for it again, i think by now most people understand and feel the same way i tan they do, one needs to discover new show a bit more easy)


I think your definition of “necessary” might be different to mine?

There are many other places where you can get recommendations of what to watch (http://trakt.tv for one). Would it be nice to have that information in Sonarr? Sure. Is it necessary? No.


Despite the comment of Harroguk I think that it could be a nice feature.



It would be a cool feature, or at least lists integration would help


+1, Would be a nice feature


+1. I signed up to suggest this feature.


This and adding movies from the regular search bar are the two things missing for me.


+1 for this feature.
Just discovered it in Radarr today and I am amazed. Added like 20 new movies today.
Would love to see this feature built into Sonarr so we can find some hidden gem TV Shows that we may have forgotten about.


+1 This would be a nice feature thanks


This would be a great feature, and something I have been thinking about since I started using Radarr years ago. I like finding shows from other countries and this feature would help find more. If not this feature, then more shows that show up when you are search, like if I only type one or two letters in the search, shows will appear. It would be a nice discovery type feature.


+1. It seems that Netflix is always putting out new shows that I would love to watch, this would be a great way to find out about them :smile:


I check monthly to see what has come out on Netflix. I agree it would be a cool feature!


Yes Trakt.tv is great for that, wonder if any kind of integration with Sonarr would be plausible just as it’s already on Radarr. Sure the brothers from the other mother wouldn’t mind sharing the code…


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