Radarr - Accept movie if only released on streaming, reject if Blu-Ray release

Hi all, Okay here is a big ask, and I’m hoping Radarr somehow can achieve this functionality.

I get my movies by using the Trakt Trending playlist. I filter the year 2023-9999 and rating 60-100. Then my Radarr quality profiles takes care of the rest.

I have one wish though. Now when a movie is downloaded by radarr and added to plex, I always go to blu-ray.com and check whether or not that movie will later have a blu-ray release and therefore a REMUX version. In which case I’ll wait for that to happen. If no blu-ray, i’ll watch it.

Is it possible to somehow make radarr do this check? Reject web-dl if blu-ray release date is set, and accept web-dl if there are no plans for a blu-ray release?

I mostly want the better audio from blu-ray, as I have the speakers to utilize it.

For Radarr, you’ll need to reach out via their Discord.

I don’t use discord. I was hoping someone using radarr would see this, as most people run radarr and Sonarr together.

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I trulyt hate it when a app developer only uses Discord, Telegram, ect… for their support. Try these


Thank you!

I tried to use their reddit, but they closed it for new posts indefinitely :frowning_face:

I’ll check out the GitHub!

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