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When I do Manual Import => Interactive Import, the popup automatically detects an episode correctly:

However, if I choose ‘Quick Import’, nothing happens. I (perhaps wrongly) assumed that Quick Import would find all the episodes in the download folder that Sonarr can automatically match, and import them, without any interaction by the user. Am I misunderstanding?

Also, assuming that’s what it’s supposed to do, and that it can be made to work is there an API endpoint in Sonarr I can poke via a curl command in a script so that I can trigger a Quick Import periodically, to automatically import stuff from my get_iplayer server that automatically downloads some shows for me? I’d like to kindof replicate the auto-import a bit like the old Drone Factory used to do.

Okay, so a bit more googling and I’ve found the API to make the call:

curl -X POST -d “{‘name’: ‘DownloadedEpisodesScan’ , ‘path’: ‘/downloads/’, ‘importMode’: ‘Move’, ‘downloadClientId’: ‘GetiPlayer’}” --header “X-Api-Key:123456778ABCDEFGHIETC”

Will try using that periodically and it should do what I need, but only if it auto-matches episodes - which it doesn’t appear to do correctly.

Ah, now I see - it seems the path (/downloads/ above) should point to a single release. So I’ll have to enumerate the files in the folder, and run the import for each of them. Annoying, but doable.

Any thoughts on the ‘quick import’ functionality? If it can be made to work, can it be triggered from an API?

Quick Import executes that API command, the same limitation applies, the folder selected needs to be for a specific download.

Got it.

I noticed that if you pass it the full path to an actual video file, rather than just a folder, it works. So I plan on writing a small dotnet util that will iterate all the files in the folder, and call the API, so that all new matching files in a folder will be automatigally imported. It kindof feels like that’s how Quick Import ought to work. Any plans to make that the behaviour?

Yeah, path to a file works as well. Quick import is meant for a single download folder, we don’t have plans to change that behaviour and process files if Sonarr can’t process the folder name, in that case you’re better off just using the Manual path and importing the files from there.

Okay. I understand it’s not a priority, but it feels like a lot of people who have other streams of video files that aren’t being grabbed by sonar would benefit from the inclusion of a “process all files in this folder” checkbox, and a simple GetFiles and for-loop to iterate through them.

As I say, I’m going to write a little util and put it on GitHub to do this using the REST API, but given that it’ll be about 50 lines of code, that seems somewhat sub-optimal compared to having Sonarr itself just have a “Import any files you can that are in this folder tree automatically” function - particularly as today the same function almost exists:

  1. Select root folder
  2. Click ‘Interactive import’
  3. Wait for sonarr to scan for any matches it finds, which are pre-selected
  4. Click ‘Import’ button

Quick import could just do all of that, but with no popup/GUI, and in a single click (and could then be an API endpoint, with a single call to trigger it periodically).

Tool here.
I’ll fiddle with it and tweak it as/when I get time. Works a treat though!

BTW, for anyone reading this, I updated the tool to add custom search/replace transforms, including regex replacements. It’s always irked me that Sonarr doesn’t support custom show renames without going through the forums etc., so this feature now allows me to do it myself on import - even if I do still have to find the misnamed show on the tracker and manually kick off the download myself.

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