Question Regarding Sonarr Tracking Entries in Downloader

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Mono Version :
OS: Linux
Debug logs: n/a
Description of issue: Sonarr ignores entries in downloader it did not add evn though the category is correct (actually says in the Activity screen that it is ignoring them because they were not added by Sonarr)

Based on the message in the activity screen (which disappears after the subsequent downloader scan) Sonarr is ignoring entries in the downloader that I have added and set the category to the one Sonarr monitors. I have always done this if I am having issues with the entries in the configured indexers in Sonarr where I will go ut and find another source and do a one off NZB or Torrent download to the downloader manually and set the category such that Sonarr will start processing it normally with automatic import once completed.

This appears to be new behaviour and I cannot find an override for this in the settings. Is it possible to have it behave the way it used too and monitor all entries that have the correct category regardless of how they were added to the downloader?

By the way… this is really just a convenience thing as I should be able to manually import the entries from the downloader even if Sonarr is ignoring them. It just seems redundant to track the source of individual entries in the downloader if you are already using categories to determine in scope / out of scope for Sonarr.

Sonarr will only ignore failed downloads it didn’t grab, or things not in the correct category.

No recent changes have been made to this behaviour.