Question about Upgrades

**Sonarr version :latest **:

Hello everyone,

The following situation:

I have a Sonarr anime instance. Releases of weekly episodes of anime are downloaded automatically. Scores and quality are taken from the TrasH guides.
I have also set custom formats for “German Subbed” and “German Dubbed” with the highest scores.
Since “German Subbed” and “German Dubbed” normally only appear a few days later, ENG SUB is always downloaded. That works great so far.
But now I am looking for a way to perform an auto upgrade when “German Subbed” or “German Dubbed” are found. Unfortunately, this only seems to work if I search for the episodes manually.

Is there a way to automate this?

Thank you!

Sonarr will upgrade to higher scored releases automatically if it sees them on the RSS feed, depending on your indexer(s) it may be missing them.

Thanks for answering!

If theres a problem with the indexers, shouldnt there also be no upgrade if i click on the magnifying glass icon?

Is there anything in the log which i can check for that?


Not necessarily, more likely Sonarr did it’s RSS Sync every 15 minutes (by default) and never say that release. When it doesn’t see the release it’s because there were too many results in that period of time and the indexer doesn’t support paging (allowing Sonarr to go back and ask for more results).

The reason there were “too many” varies

  • The indexer only supports a small number of results (less than 100)
  • The categories chosen for the indexer are too broad (choose less categories)
  • Sonarr was unable to check the RSS feed because it wasn’t running (computer off/sleeping)

Really the only way to check is to check the debug logs for the RSS sync and look for two things:

  • Warnings that RSS Sync missed. a period of time
  • The release appearing, but being rejected for some reason

The lack of the release in the logs means Sonarr never swa it (or the logs have rolled over too far already).