Question about profiles. Prefer lower quality

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I don’t care much about the quality of the download. SDTV is fine with me. So if a release comes out, I would prefer the lower quality for filesize.

So I set up a profile like this. Here is my understanding.

If Sonarr sees a SDTV, DVD, and WebDL-1080p version, this profile will grab the SDTV version, correct?

And later, another version comes out, say WebDL-720p, it will not be retrieved because the cutoff is SDTV and has been met, correct? I rearranged all of the qualities from low to high to accomplish this.

Is this correct? What am I missing?

Here is my profile:

Cutoff: WEBDL-1080p


If it has SDTV and the cutoff is SDTV, then yes, it won’t upgrade.

If the file was something lower on the list then it could “upgrade” to SDTV.

This differs from your question, given it’s the lowest wanted quality in the profile then no matter which wanted quality Sonarr already has it won’t upgrade to a different release.

The difference between the two is, with an SDTV cutoff Sonarr will work it’s way to that release, but with WEBDL 1080p it would grab the first one and not upgrade.

That might be what I am looking for. So if a bunch of releases come out and none of them are SDTV, then it will get whichever one is of lower quality (since I have them ordered from lower quality on the top, to higher quality on the bottom). When it gets any of them, it will no longer update because the cutoff has been met.

To summarize, I just want the lowest quality available, and then no longer attempt to upgrade.

Is that what this will do?

Yeah, that’s how it will work with your rearranged profile and the cutoff set to the lowest allowed quality.

Is there any way to tell Sonarr that after it downloads any release, to stop watching it so that it will no longer download anymore? Once I get a release, I don’t want any more. So I have to manually go in and click the bookmark icon so it doesn’t keep downloading stuff.

That’s the point of the cutoff, it won’t keep downloading things. There is no option to unmonitor once imported (and not one we’re going to add).

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