Question about multiple root folders

Heres my delimma. Over time, I’ve built up what i think is a rather impressive libary and form y shows ive used duckietv with great success. However, its going to be dying soon so i wa.ted to set sonarr up again to be its replacement.

In doing so, it also occurred to me that i was almost out of storage and picked up another 14tb drive and have my shows set to be renamed and filed away in this drive instead of the old drives.

My question is this. Lets say i have the simpsons on drive “d” currently, and sonarr shows it being on drive “d” as fhe root file. But now sonarr will rename new episodes and store them on drive “e” going forward. Will sonarr show that the episode is downloaded and available or will I have to figure out a different solution?

If there is a way that i could put all of my “ended” series one one drive and the current stuff on another, i may do this. However i have a TON of stuff incoming daily. I believe i currently have around 50,000 episodes of about 1100 series, so this would be a daunting task to say the least.

Maybe someone has an idea of the best way to go about this transition??

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe Sonarr supports more than one root folder for an individual series but it certainly allows you to have more than one location where it is keeping media. In my case, I use two root folders. One root folder is for television series that I delete the episodes as soon as I watch them, the other root folder is for series that I am collecting and will keep after I watch them. It sounds like you want to do something similar but in your case, it is for active vs. ended series.

Using your Simpson’s example Sonarr will not be able to have more than one location for the series (i.e. things I already have on one drive and new content on another) so you will need to decide how you are going to organize your library. You have a choice to make as you can reorganize your file system and then have Sonarr scan it to add the series/episodes to Sonarr or you can have Sonarr scan it in the current location and then inside of Sonarr edit the path for the series and have Sonarr move the files for you. Either way, as you said, it will be a daunting exercise for that many series.

Thats what I was afraid of. Im thinking the easiest and least cumbersome way of doing this would be to split the library alphabetically between drives, move everything and then just remap the root folders. This would be the easiest to remap I believe.

Thank you for the input, much appreciated!

Sonarr does have a mass file editor that will move/remap the files for you. After Sonarr scans your files you select files you want to remap/move, and tell it to move the files for you. I do this everytime I grow out of my current drives;)

Im in the process of doing this now to get me through until i can get a couple more 14tb drives to move some stuff over to in order to empty my nas and fill those 8 bays with 12tb drives. After that i should be good for a couple of years hopefully.

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