query NNTP strings

Hi, I have a log from a newsgroup NNTP header from a newsgroup message
containing 3 string/numbers which I would like to further investigate

Xref: news.newsserver.net newsgroupname:
Message-ID: @subnewsserver.newsserver.net

is there a tool/script/program to query remote NNTP server
subnewsserver.newsserver.net / newsserver.net with those /
that would return more info ?

in order to abride “Disallowed and unacceptable posts.” rules I’v replaced
replacing a 5 digit decimal number regex: /[0-9]{5}/
replacing a 13 character string regex: /[a-z0-9$]{13}/
newsserver replacing news server name
subnewsserver replacing sub news server name
newsgroupname replacing news group name name

thank’s in advance :slight_smile:

Probably best to ask this on reddit.com/r/usenet