Quality Profile Question, Resolution Priorities?

Loving Sonarr and the rest of the suite, I’ve been using them for a few months.

Please tell me if this is possible or not.

I prefer all my new TV media at 720p (or lower) resolution for drive space and compatibility with all the players I use. If my quality profile caps the resolution at 720p, I miss some hard-to-find or less commonly shared shows because they might only be shared once in say 1080p resolution only. They also might only see active online sharing for a few days before interest drops off and they are no longer easily available.

Is there a way to ‘prefer’ 720p for all episodes, but accept higher level resolution if no other options are available? Or maybe a quality profile that accepts all available resolutions, but prioritizes 720p if available?

You can rearrange the qualities so 720p is preferred over 1080p, and set 720p as the cutoff quality.

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