Quality profile discrepancy question


How does Sonarr determine the quality profile of a media file? Plex and Sonarr are sometimes not in agreement. For example, the first image shows Sonarr’s interpretation of the quality profile for a given file at 720p. The second image shows Plex’s interpretation of that same file at 480p.

Using ‘mediainfo’ on the command line shows the actual resolution of that media file is 1248x520p

I’m not saying there’s a problem here, I’m just looking for some understanding on why the discrepancy.

Thank you!

Seems maybe plex is wrong - sonarr is default to file name & mediainfo ?

What’s mediainfo say on the file

mediainfo says 1248x520p

720p is defined as

        if (width >= 1200 || height >= 700)

Where || is OR in C# (specifically or if and only if the left is false)