Quality and Custom Format help

Sonarr version:
OS: ubuntu 20.04
Description of issue: Need help setting quality and formats

I’m finally upgrading from V2, and the new quailty and formatting is getting me confused. Ultimately, what I would like it is to target 720p quality, with x265 compression. If 720p with x265 not available, then ok with 1080p with x265. In V2, I set quality as 720p/1080p, english, and then added a tag of x265. That worked mostly. I’m not totally clear on how I do that with the new custom formatting. I have set the quality as 720p/1080p, but don’t know how to make sure it is english and with x265. I’ve looked through some guides, but getting more confused. If anyone has an easy to follow explanation or guide for me, that would be appreciated.

Create a new custom format, give it a name, add a new condition, select the x265 Release Title preset, decide whether it should be Required or not, click Save and click Save again. Repeat for the Language condition, though I think it defaults to English anyway.

Go to Profiles, select the 720p/1080p quality profile, select the Upgrade Until quality (e.g. Bluray-720p), reorder all the 720p qualities above the 1080p qualities, give the x265 (and Language if you created it) custom format(s) a score, click Save.

Thank you so much! I’ll give that a go. Will also do more reading on custom formats to help me understand more.