QNAP - Cannot access Public Folder on QNAP Domain


Mono Version
QNAP TS-251+ firmware Build 20180710

Does Sonarr on QNAP run under a special UNIX account? It does not seem to have access to my /Public or /PlexMedia shares and they are on the same QNAP that the Sonar application is installed on. I do have the QNAP running a domain so guessing I need to create a domain account for it and setup Sonarr to use but I find not place in the setup to add locations WITH network credentials


Okay think I answered my own question after a lot of trial and error. It appears that since the files were passed to my Raspberry Pi running Deluge which uses mounted location back to my NAS to download to, that Sonar could not translate the “/mnt/blah blah blah” path that Deluge reported back to it. So i found the REMOTE PATH MAPPINGS in the hidden section of the Download Clients and added a location for Sonar to understand and use and after testing it seemed to work as the file moved from the Deluge download location to the Plex Media location successfully.

Just started using the Sonarr, Radarr, and jackett with my Plex yesterday and I am already 12 hours into having fun with this. Once this is configured this will save me so many hours of manual work… VERY FREAKING HAPPY!!!


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