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The applications both sonarr and qbit are working no problem. What I need is more of a clarification on how its supposed to work.

I am old time user of nzbdrone. When I setup my system a long time ago it was done incorrectly to maximize torrents. I have been using a seedbox but I have choosen to save on that expense. I used docker for all the arrs, sab and torrent. Hardlinks are not possible since all of my media is spread over different folders and my library is to large to take the time to set it up correctly.

My simple questions is this, i have a ration set for torrents to 3, episodes get downloaded and it begins to seed however it does not get imported to plex. Is that because it needs to meet the ratio requirements? if so then having the correct setup to have hardlinks would solve this.

thanks in advance

No, it doesn’t need to hit the ratio limit set. Once the download is complete it will import, assuming Sonarr has access to the download folder and the series folder.

Thank you for the reply, It did import it just took it a while.

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