Prowlarr search interactive search inaccurate

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: unraid
Debug logs:
Description of issue: When using interactive search on an episode it shows other seasons and episodes in the search results.When using Jackett it would only show the episode being searched or return nothing

Logs show you just have 1337x configured with Jackett and three indexers configured with Prowlarr. What are those three indexers?

I would guess Prowlarr indexer 2 is the cause of the issue, as it uses &imdbid=tt10986410&season=3&ep=12, but for most indexers (and the actual trackers) it’s not possible to search for both the IMDB ID and other keywords (e.g. S03E12) at the same time.

Thanks for helping with this. I setup 1337x in Jackett to test if it was working fine with Jackett. It did work correctly with Jackett I just forgot to remove it afterwards.

I actually setup 5 indexers with Prowlarr 1337x,EZTV,GloDLS,,The Pirate Bay and TorrentGalaxy

you can check the (debug?) logs to find the search query sonarr sent to jackett to see what its asking for but it wont be a simple text query like what jackett would do for your query, so you wont get matching results.

the interactive search results include the indexers name it came from so you can tell which one returned the garbage.

either the indexer is a bit loose with its searching or it returns what appears to look like random garbage when your query generates no results.

As TorrentGalaxy is the only one which supports IMDB ID searching, it’ll be that then. Configure it in Jackett and you’ll see the same result. It’s either search by IMDB ID or keywords, not both:

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