Proper/Repack support overrides preferences

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OS: Ubuntu 19.10
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I believe the way we are told told to pick amzn et al releases i by using the keyword feature and giving a points bump to the key words we want.

This generally works, except in the case of repacks / propers. If a 1080p webrip is propered, while the 1080p amzn web-dl has no issues, sonarr will view the 1080p webrip proper as “better” than the original 1080p amzn web-dl. Of course, if the amzn release is repacked or propered, one would want that (assuming they want the amzn releases, so one just can’t ignore them)

This seems problematic and perhaps goes to why people want finer control over how release qualities are grouped and not simply giving points within a group that covers a lot of different types of releases.

of course, it could possibly be my misunderstanding of how these features are supposed to work together.

There is already an option to disable the preference for repacks/propers that you can use in conjunction with preferred words. Propers and Repacks in Media Management settings.

ok, i see. i want do not prefer. didnt understand that the first time through.

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