Profile to just download nfo\jpg

The reason for this is I would like to use Sonarr to track all my shows and their progress, but I do not download Netflix shows for example. I can show shows on the calendar even if not monitored, but id like to monitor all my shows and set a profile for the netflix ones that will not download the actual video as that would be a waist of space.

You could use a release profile to reject everything by regex or by the resolution (or however you want to do that) and use tags to link to the netflix shows. Monitored is what Sonarr will grab for you, there won’t be a feature to monitor and not really monitor at the same time.

thats ok as long there is a workaround i can get my head around. a release profile? regex? ill need to research id you can give me any clarification. thanks

A release profile is in Sonarr v3 (restrictions in v2).

regex is regular expressions.

Or just a restriction that Requires the keyword neverdownloadanything

The thing is i want it to show as downloaded. To trick jellyfin or emby into showing it under tv shows and then tracking as watched.

It actually shows up as long as season folders are created, even unmonitored, but not each episode.

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