Profile config to only download 1080 if it's x265?

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Description of issue:
I am a little storage constrained and would like to only download episodes if they are under a certain file size limit.

I don’t mind the actual quality that gets downloaded, but to generally achieve what I want, I have a profile defined as SDTV through to 720p.

However, I have found some 720p files are still quite large (which fit my profile and download), and I know there are many episodes that have a 1080p x265 encoded version that would be great (that are excluded by my profile).

Is there a way to set the profile to be either “any quality, maximum filesize = XXXMb” or “SDTV to 720p + 1080p if x265?”?

Update to v3, v2 has been EOL for almost a year and v4 beta is currently in testing.

Set up a custom format that requires x265 and apply it to the 1080p profile.

First of all, please upgrade to v3 or v4 beta. v2 is super end of life no longer supported.
Once you have done that, check out the release profiles on the wiki or Trash Guides

Thanks both - I did upgrade (to v3) and have been able to not only set the format required, but also it has the filesize ranges I was looking for also (so I can now say - 1080p.

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