Problem with Detectiv Conan

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: SMP Debian 5.10.136-1
Description of issue:

I am using Sonarr together with Prowlarr and 2 private trackers. While this setup is working perfectly fine for most shows I am having problems with shows like Detective Conan:

  • Adding the show to Sonarr it is displayed as 30 seasons which matches with the downloads I find on my tracker
  • Since my tracker is using the normal naming scheme and not absolute numbers I checked the “Also search for anime using the standard numbering” box and selected TV/Anime for Anime and TV/* for normal Shows: (I link to the images since I cant post them here)
  • If I use Interactive Search to search for Season Packs having Detectiv Conan set as Standard instead of Anime it will only bring up Season 1 Packs dont matter which season I look out for (the log also has no single entry with S02 in it)
  • If I set the show to Anime it wont find any entries at all for season packs aswell single episode. I also noticed while browsing through the debug log of prowlarr and sonarr that the matching from absolute to relativ number is completely of which also explains why using interactive search it always finds S01:

Searching indexers for [Detective Conan : S01E993 (993)]. 2 active indexers

Now my conclusion and final questions:

  • While the UI has access to the right matching (atleast it displays me that episode 993 is season 29 episode 1) the download process somehow wont make use of that.
  • I heard Sonarr instead looks at Detective Conan | Mapping | Xem. Could someone explain me which of this list is utilised when searching for downloads?
  • Is there any way to just use the matching presented in the UI? This way the downloads can be found perfectly fine as I verified manually querying Prowlarr:
    animelist — Postimages
  • Question to other users: What is your way of dealing with this? I thought about just manually downloading everything
  • Question to devs: Is there any plan to query for downloads by the matching presented in the UI?

Thanks a lot for this awesome software. Made my life a lot easier :slight_smile:

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