Prioritize season pack releases even if the first download attempt fails

Let’s say that I try to download a season for a show. An indexer finds a torrent, and it passes that season-pack torrent to my configured download client. If that download fails, then instead of Sonarr looking through the rest of the Season Pack releases, it automatically tries to find individual episode torrents. I’m wondering if the functionality for this can be changed? Or at least configurable in Sonarr’s settings?

For my specific use case, I’m trying to use a script to download torrents in Sonarr. Sometimes due to rate limitations on torrent indexers, my download script tries to download the torrents using Sonarr, but the torrent url ends up being no good, and so the script marks the download as failed in Sonarr. Sonarr then tries to find a new torrent file to download, but even though there are still perfectly good season releases that are available, Sonarr tries to find torrents for individual episodes, and so Sonarr misses out on some very good season pack releases if it just tried a bit harder to look for them.