Prioritize number of seeders over quality

First off this project is awesome. Y’all are doing the lords work.

Prior to using Sonarr, when I would go to manually download a new show. I would search for the episode and download the one with the most seeders as long as it met my quality standards (i.e. 720p or 1080p and not a massive file).

It seems Sonarr always gets the highest quality episode available, even if it has a much lower number of seeders.

It would be awesome if Sonarr could have a setting to prefer popularity of a torrent over the quality. When this setting is enabled, Sonar would find the torrent with the most seeders that matches the chosen quality profile. So if you chose 720p/1080p as your desired quality and a 720p torrent was available
that had more seeders than another available 1080p torrent, the 720p option would be downloaded.

You should be able to achieve this by grouping all the qualities into one group by editing the quality profile.

So the suggestion to create one quality profile and put them in the same group gets me very close to what I’m looking for, however, it seems to still prefer less popular torrents in the following scenario.

Torrent 1 is Bluray-1080p, sized at 1 GB and has 30 seeders.
Torrent 2 is Bluray-1080p, sized at 9 GB and has 7 seeders.

When both are the same quality type it still prefers the larger torrent even though it has less seeders. This only seems to happen when the quality types are identical.

Yeah, larger size is still preferred, there is an open issue (which would need to be implemented) to allow preferring sizes instead of larger = better as it is now.

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