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OS: Ubuntu 18.04

Hi Guys, I’m new here and just have a simple question before I go any further.
I have been using Sonarr for many years now, I know it was originally installed using PGBlitz, I’m aware that only the Release version was able to be used when installed through this method but it wasn’t something I did myself, it’s been working perfectly until earlier this year when from what I have looked online about is due to the Release version now being depreciated and the database requires an extra table for the automatic feature to function.
I have been manually downloading episodes till now so back to my question, is there a simple easy way to upgrade to the latest version without losing all my data as I have quite a large database.
I have tried uninstalling through portainer and re-installing the latest release but this just doesn’t start even though it shows to be running in Portainer.
Any help would be much appreciated and once again, apologies for the novice questions. I just wanted to see if anything is possible before digging deeper and wasting time.

Thanks again.

That’s not a thing, not sure what you read, but an older version wouldn’t outright stop working this way unless you used a newer DB with an old version.

Your version of Sonarr is out of date and should be updated though.

You’d have to look at the logs, though we don’t recommend portainer.

Take a look at trash’s guides, they’re available for many different setups How to setup for - TRaSH Guides

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