Preferred Words RegEx Help

I am trying to “simplify” my Preferred scoring method by using some RegEx expressions. Here is the current setup:


7.1 Surround

5.1 Surround

265 Encoding

264 Encoding




I am testing (by searching for a specific episode) and it does not appear to be picking up any of the RegEx scores. Here’s an excerpt from the Trace log:

20-6-22 17:45:34.1|Trace|PreferredWordService|Calculated preferred word score for ‘9-1-1.Lone.Star.S01E10.720p.WEB.x264-TRUMP’: 4
20-6-22 17:45:34.4|Trace|PreferredWordService|Calculated preferred word score for ‘9-1-1.Lone.Star.S01E10.1080p.WEB.x264-TRUMP’: 23
20-6-22 17:45:34.6|Trace|PreferredWordService|Calculated preferred word score for ‘’: 4
20-6-22 17:45:34.9|Trace|PreferredWordService|Calculated preferred word score for ‘’: 23

As you can see, it is only scoring the resolution and ignoring the sound profile and encoding codecs - the two items that use RegEx to evaluate. What am I missing here?


You need to use the pattern /regex/i to actually make it regex, it looks like you’ve included /i to make it case insensitive, but without the leading slash it’s going to do a string match, not a regex match.

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