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I do have a problem with preferred words, that releases doesn’t get updated, even if they are in the same quality group.

First, I put all important qualities together, that the preferred words should have a higher priority instead of the quality for all qualities inside a group.

For testing I downloaded a WEBDL-720p Release with a score of 84, even if there would be a 1080p release with a score of 85.

After that I wanted to check if on a new search, the 1080p Release with a higher score will be fetched. But this isn’t the case. Is the score difference of +1 to low to upgrade the file, or has something other changed here?

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What do the exclamation marks say, next to those releases?

I think the second screenshot is the breakout of the exclamation - the rejection reasons.

And they outline what the issue is: because all the qualities are lumped into the HD group, once a release within that group is downloaded, that’s it. Preferred words don’t come into play at that point because Quality is king, and qualities within the same group are considered equal. I believe only a proper or repack would trigger an upgrade. So things are working as designed and intended.

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Damn tiny screen, I swear mobile phones ruined my eyesight. Quality is king indeed…

Thank you very much for your answers. But that is not quite correct.
Quality always has priority, that is correct. But if the qualities are combined in one group, they are treated equally and Sonarr should still download releases with the same quality (quality group) with higher score. Normally this works correctly - but not here.

I was now able to get this to work by giving “1080” as preferred word not +1, but +10. But there seems to be a bug somewhere that it takes the release with a higher score of 10, but if the score is only 1 higher than the previous one, then not.

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