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OS: Windows 10 Pro
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Description of issue: I’ve been running v3 for a while now without issue, so great work! I just saw that the new version allows for preferred words to be added to releases (and it looks like upgrade older releases as well). For the life of me however, I can’t figure out where to go to set up the preferred releases. I’m sure I’m missing something stupid, but it is escaping me.

Additionally, as I was combing through the settings trying to find the above, I noticed that I can no longer access the ‘tags’ section, as I get an error that says: “There was an error loading this page”, and then underneath it has the following text:

Not sure if that is related to me not being able to find the preferred words/releases section, but hoping it might be (since that would mean I’m not blind).


Error loading page and TypeError

Settings: Profiles: Release Profiles (rename of “Restrictions”).

It’s related to the change, but unfortunately you’re still blind :smiley: I’ll fix up the issue with tags.


BLAH - you’d figure I would have scrolled down on that page before posting…:roll_eyes:


Could you please elaborate a little about how this feature is supposed to work?
I want to download HEVC releases from preferred groups when available.
I create a profile, leave must, must not and tags empty. Then to the preferred section I add
Group1 3
Group2 2
Group3 1
Group4 0
H265 -2
X265 -3

I want it to grab Group1 release, and if there isn’t one, go lower in the list (why the scores though, are they mean something more than specific order, that could be implemented via drag and drop? Or am I using them wrong? Also, can there be no score or equal scores?)

Then I find some episode, do an interactive search to make sure the results have Group1 release in them. Then I do a quick search, and sonarr grabs generic h264 1080p release instead.
Is it possible to do the thing I want, and how to do it right?


Right from the UI:

A positive score will be more preferred
A negative score will be less preferred

A score with 10 is more preferred than one with 5 and one with -10 is less preferred than one with -5.

Order has nothing to do with it, you’re holding it wrong.

Sure, but 0 = 0 so it’s the same as not bothering to do anything, which would be easier.

The scores are added together to get a total score, for example, if you has the release Series.Title.S01E01.720p.HDTV.x264-Sonarr is you had two preferred words, Sonarr and x265 both with a score of +10, that release would be +10 as a total score, if it was x265 instead of x264 then it’s be +20.

The way you have yours setup you’re actually preferring x264 over x265 because you’ve given them negative scores and Group 4 is the same as a group you haven’t listed at all.


Oh, I see, thanks for the explanations!
But I’m still a little confused.
I changed profile so it just contains Group1 score +10 and x265 score +10. There is a release in manual results that has them both. But when I do a quick search it still downloads GroupGeneric x264 file


Is the generic x264 the same quality?

Quality will still outweigh more preferred words. Interactive search will show the order that results are preferred overall, if they’re not rejected they will be tried from top to bottom.


If by “quality” you mean 1080p, then yes, I suppose they are pretty much the same in my book.
x264 release that is downloaded says
when the x265 release that I would like to be preferred/updated to, says
Series.Title.S01E01 (1080p AMZN WEB-DL x265 HEVC 10 bit AAC 5.1 Group1).
In my profile groups in the 1080p WEB group the WEB-DL is first, and the WEBRip is second. Not sure how just the “WEB” fits into that, though. Maybe that’s part of the problem? WEB is > that WEB-DL?
Oh, I just noticed the Quality column in the results, and in says exactly WEBDL-1080p for both releases.

When I use the priority sorting (exclamation point column), the generic release goes first, and the desired release goes second, both do not have the exclamation point in their rows. So there is indeed something that makes the generic release more preferred. Can something other than quality outweight global preferred words which give +20?
Tried this for other episode, this time it had 2 different WEBDL-1080p releases with x264, and both go strictly above the x265 releases. Then one x264 WEBRip-1080p goes below the x265 releases.


number of seeders (presuming its a torrent) might be coming into it?


Both have enough seeds, and in the second case I tried, x265 has even more seeds than x264 on top of it


Looks like there is a bug preventing preferred words from matching unless Include Preferred when Renaming is enabled in the Release Profile (which won’t do anything unless {Preferred Words} is part of the file name format. Until a fix lands you can enable that setting and you should then see the score show up in Interactive Search (with the results ordered properly).


Thank you so much! With the checkbox it works like expected. Glad I could help in detecting the issue.

I hope the scores will be showing up by default after the fix? (scores/terms breakdown on hover also could be useful).

This is like the ultimate feature for me, that’ll save me so much time, right after I’ll map a complete scores table of how I used to pick some releases over the others manually. I’m really grateful it is here now, and the new v3 interface is so much responsive and modernized, that it’s improved the experience a lot. Will continue testing by migrating my ongoings over there.


Would these settings allow for Sonarr to grab a specific x265 release when it comes out and replace the existing x264 release?


So does Sonarr always upgrade a file if it ever finds a release with a higher score? Is there any way to specify a cutoff score?

For example, I tried setting scores for a variety of sound modes: 5.1, DDP, DD+, DTS-HD, ATMOS, 7.1, etc.
The goal was to create tiers of sound: -10 is 2.0, 10 is lossy 5.1, 20 is lossless 5.1, 30 is lossy 7.1, 40 is lossless 7.1. The issue is that not all releases use the same naming convention, so I ended up creating duplicate preferred tags (with the same score) to try and capture all the possibilities.

For example, sometimes a release may be named TrueHD.7.1.ATMOS (which would match 3 preferred tags for a score of 110) and be higher than a simply named file with “ATMOS” only. Would this trigger an upgrade? While I have found Sonarr now doing useful upgrades from 2.0 to 5.1 sound, I also see lots of upgrades to the same exact file with different naming conventions. I believe this is caused by the way I have set up preferred tags, so I am not sure how to get it to do exactly what I want.



There is not a cutoff for the score, Sonarr will keep upgrading them. You might need to be more strict with the words or use regex (which should work, but I haven’t tested it) to not match multiple things and inflate the score.


I’ve been testing Sonarr v3, so far so good, only major bug is when inputting max quality bitrates. I already have HEVC/h265/x265/h.265/x.265 tags as preferred words with a score of plus 50. This works fine.

My question is this-- I am really tight on disk space and would like to use the priority below, so it only downloads very large 1080 h264 files if nothing else is available, and would “upgrade” to 720p/h264 when one shows up. Is there any way to do that?

1080p HEVC
720p HEVC
720p h264
1080p h264


preferred words only upgrades within the same quality and 1080 and 720 are different qualities so theres no way to sequence them the way you want. its more a limitation than a bug. the entire quality system would need to be re-designed to handle something like that

the closest youll get is this, so it would depend how much smaller the 1080 x265 files are vs the 720 x264
720p HEVC
720p h264
1080p HEVC
1080p h264


Yes I can definitely do that, but the end-state I actually want is 1080p/HEVC.

What I’m doing right now is changing all my series to 1080p with required HEVC words, then refreshing everything. Once that finishes downloading everything in 1080p/HEVC that’s currently available, I’ll change them all back to exactly what you put above, but tell them to stop at 1080.

That will eventually get me a bunch of huge 1080p/h264 files, and when that happens I guess I’ll need to do the whole rigamarole again.

Ultimately, it would be lovely if the qualities included codec tags also. HEVC is such a ridiculous space savings that it’s truly worth the trouble.

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