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OS: Linux Docker - Unraid 6.8

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I recently upgraded to Sonarr v3 and loving it so far! One thing I have noticed is some funkiness with the preferred words feature. For example, I have a profile that has 1 group for 1080p and 1 group for 4K with upgrade set until it gets to 4K. I also defined preferred words for hevc, h265, atmos etc etc. What I have observed is that if it finds a 1080p release but no 4K available, it will prefer HDR, hevc and atmos (preferred words) however if it finds such a release and then a 4K version is published without any preferred words, it will remove the 1080p release with the 4K one. Personally I would prefer to keep a 1080p release with HDR, hevc and Atmos over going to a 4K release that is not HDR, is x264 and is not Atmos.

How can I get Sonarr to wait to upgrade the quality until a higher resolution is available with the preferred words?

I dont think you can achieve what you want. Keywords are a preference where as quality triggers an upgrade before then looking at the keywords. If it finds a better quality it needs to update it, then it will look at all available higher quality files for the keywords and choose accordingly. This to me is how i would code it as well.

What you want is functionality like Radarr has in their Settings > Indexers for the Restrictions that allows for required words. If that exists in Sonarr i have not seen it (v2 or v3)

Required words (Must/must not contain) exist in Sonarr in the same place you configure preferred words (in v3, in release profiles) and the exact same place as Radarr in v2 (technically Radarr had them in the same place as Sonarr as they were there before Radarr forked).

The problem will Must Contain is you wouldn’t get anything until those releases are available, even if you’re okay with non-HDR to start.

Quality always wins over preferred words, so the only way to achieve what you’re looking for is to group all the 4K and 1080p qualities you want into one group and use preferred words to upgrade to the 4K releases. You’d want the HDR and other wanted terms to be scored higher than 4K to ensure you don’t downgrade those while upgrading the resolution.

Guess I missed that, thanks for the clarification bud!

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Thanks! I will try to bunde 1080p and 4K qualities into a single group and use preferred words to drive the selection.

This worked! If you group 1080p and 4K together and use preferred words then you can make it keep a 1080p HDR hevc Atmos release even though a regular 4K version is available. It will only upgrade to 4K once an equivalent HDR hevc atmos release is available since 4K has slightly higher points than 1080p. Just a bit tricky to get all the scoring right.

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