Preferred release groups and indexers

Hello, I prefer releases from groups like ion10 and horriblesubs and would like to set a higher priority for them; or prioritize an indexer over another. However, I don’t want already downloaded files to be re-downloaded because it was from a different release group

As for release groups you can already do that in v3 by using preferred tags with scores, but you cannot stop Sonarr from upgrading an already downloaded episode unfortunately. A cutoff score is something I would really like to see implemented and posted that as a feature request myself. As for indexers I can really recommend setting up NZBHydra2 for that task, but I would agree that simple indexer priority would be nice to have directly in Sonarr.

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does NZBHydra2 work for torrents or just usenet?

Sorry, I totally forgot that Sonarr has torrent integration as well. I believe NZBHydra2 has support for torrents via torznab but may require additional software. I haven’t tried this myself so I don’t know how well it works. Have a look at this page.

EDIT: At a quick glance it looks like the “additional software” are standalone and can be integrated into Sonarr directly, so no need for NZBHydra2 as an additional layer if you only use torrents.

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