Preferred Codec Feature

Basically what IU am asking for is the ability to prefer a specific codec. With my two Emby servers I have different requirements, but some of the time I’d like to prefer x265 for the reduced file sizes.

I have two different Emby setups… one one I’d like to prefer 1080P x265, whereas on the other (at the cottage) I’d like to avoid x265 (stick to 264) with a maximum of 720P.

As it stands, most of the time the default downloads are 264, so the cottage scenario is working quite well about 95% of the time, but I assume as 265 increases in popularity that will change.

Is this possible? It it already on the roadmap?

The ability to customize the downloads has alway been a favorite feature of mine.

Release Profiles in conjunction with Quality Profiles, and Tags if/as required.

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so i added some preffered tags for hevc and x65… hopefully it just works… is there anything specific i need to do to apply them?

See how it works for you, but from what you’ve described you want, you’ll probably need to add a bit more granular control.

Ie. You’ll need profiles for cottage vs non-cottage

if you assign any tags to the profile then that profile will only apply to any series that also have one of those tags.

unless youre calling the preferred words, tags?

if you want it to apply to everything then remove the tags. ie this should be left blank.

for shows that you really only want in 264 you can create a negative (must not contain) release profile, eg;



then assign that tag to those series

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