Prefer Season Pack Over Individual Episode Cutoff

When you have a cutoff set at let’s say 1080p and 1 episode in a season gets downloaded, I’ve noticed that if you perform a search on the season and it finds the entire season pack. It won’t automatically grab it because at least 1 episode in that season already meets the cutoff.

Is there any way to implement an override so that Sonarr prefers season packs over single episode cutoffs?

It would also be nice to prefer season packs, because they keep the season consistent with the video and audio quality/levels, editing and compression, and subtitles.

Let’s also say that 9/10 episodes have been downloaded that meet the cutoff. If it performs a search and finds a season pack, I’d still prefer it to download that entire season pack and replace all of the existing episodes with the season pack. This is all really a matter of preference though on how tidy you like to keep your library.

No plans to implement something that can already be accomplished with existing functionality - release profiles

I’ll give this a try and see if it does what I need it to do. Thank you!

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