Prefer Individual Episodes over Season Pack

Would like to suggest an option in the settings whether or not to allow season packs. Season packs are good if your preferred method of download is Trackers over Usenet since most private trackers post full season packs when the show ends. But if you primarily use Usenet for downloading, then season packs become a problem due to takedowns, etc. With how large season packs are nowadays, it just sucks when the 150+ GB download fails when it’s at 88%. This happens a lot on Usenet and you always end up downloading the episodes manually taking away a lot of automation. The problem could easily be remedied by preferring single episodes over season packs and has the added benefit of not having to wait as long to start watching the show if the episodes came in sequentially. It would be great if there was an option somewhere in the profiles settings page to explicitly reject season packs. Thanks.

Kind of automated: you can kick off a search for a single episode, wait for it to finish and import in sonarr (or if you’re confident that it will be complete, don’t wait), then do a season search.

Sonarr knows it already has an episode, so will reject season packs. Provided the season packs have the same or lower quality as the single episode you already have, ofcourse.

@Thirrian It’s not automated when there’s manual intervention involved lol thats what I actually do btw or in my case I usually download either episode 1 or the last episode of the season. Deselect it then download the rest. It works but its painful when you have dozens of shows that you want to download + you have to do that at the season level.

That’s why I said “kind of automated” :wink:
Not sure if you could e.g. filter the wanted page on “all missing episode 1” (regardless of which season), then you could kick off a search from there to get the “one episode to troll sonarr into skipping season packs” in one go… I don’t know by heart if such a filter is possible.

Maybe I’m overthinking and there’s something clever to be done with must/must not contain regex…

Could probably be done but you’re overthinking the simple solution i.e Reject/Not Prefer season pack :wink:
I’ve tried to think of a way to set up preferred words to exclude season packs but I can’t think of anything.
I personally wish that Sonarr would be made to be as customizable as possible from the settings page instead of taking the approach that since not alot of people do this and that then let’s exclude that option.

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