Post Processing Problem between Sonarr and Sabnzbd

I have just re-installed Windows 10 PRO X64 Version 1909, Sabnzbd 3.0.2 [51cc765], and Sonarr Version
Sonarr passes download request ok to SABNZBD but when download is complete nothing happens. The files stay in the SAB complete folder.
In addition SAB does not change the dots to blanks in the file/folder names.
I cannot make any sense of the Debug logs so I have put them on Dropbox. … HZFFa?dl=0

What is a download that is complete in SAB that hasn’t been imported yet?


I don’t see anything for an import for that release.

Is that download still in Activity: Queue in Sonarr? If not, it’ll have something to do with getting the history from SAB, so make sure it’s in SAB’s history and in the correct category (matches the category setting in Sonarr’s SAB settings).

If it is in Activity: Queue in Sonarr hover over the icon on the left for the status/reason it hasn’t imported.

Since I had done a reinstall I thought I might have mistyped something so I got a copy of SABNZBD config from a backup and put that in place.
Lo and behold! Problem gone!

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