Pls Explain conflicts that result in unknown sources

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OS: ubuntu bionic
Debug logs: clean
Description of issue: uknown series with manual search

Sorry for asking about an issue that I think is pretty common. This is my first time setting up a media server like this. I am struggling with the usual networking and permission issues but I think for the most part I believe I am on the right track with those. Most of the series I’m adding are just for test purposes to see how things are working and I believe they are :crossed_fingers: . I recently tried to add a series titled The War of the Worlds. It shows in the wanted section for the missing episodes and a manual search reveals hundreds of sources. All are marked as unknown sources with no way to download them. Can somebody actually explain to me using “The war of the worlds 2019” example above what the conflict is exactly. I’ve looked at and gone to the spreadsheet and I can see several entries for series of the same name. Some are old series. How does Sonarr decide. I ask because I wonder if this crappy set up of mine hammered the resource that sends these mappings/info and now I’m blocked and sonnar cant make a decision. Lastly is there an overide in the latest version to download anyway.

The year is the issue.

The series title is The War of the Worlds and the series is released as The War of the Worlds 2019 or War of the Worlds 2019. There were a few problems with the aliases, though I don’t know why Wrong series was added for the request from 10/15/2019 11:50:56 (perhaps a series that was duped and deleted is my best guess) as it’s actually correct as of right now.

Some others may have inverted the release and TVDB names or just failed in other ways.

I’ve added the The War of the Worlds 2019 alias now.

Thanks for fixing that. Is there some place I can learn a bit more about how this works. I only ask so I can understand and maybe contribute to the mapping without wasting anybodies time. My understanding so far is that the actual title of the show is the “War of the worlds”. The scene has released it as both “War of the worlds 2019” and “the war of the worlds 2019”. So those scene release names are mapped to the results I get when I say “add a new series”. The add a series uses the tvdb name which is the actual name that it is but it has to be differentiated from all the other series named war of the worlds from back in say the eighties. What is the actual logic here that is telling sonarr it actually cant be sure this is the new war of the worlds so you cant have it? I know this is probably basic stuff …but :expressionless: this all in one install that i’m trying to learn this stuff on is filled with problems. It would be nice to understand this part of the work flow even if I cant really do anything about it yet

Not sure if there is a good place to learn more about it.

Basically it’s two names, one from TheTVDB (where Sonarr gets series info) and “The Scene” the collection of groups that releases most things, there is also the p2p groups that are dropping the The and keeping the year.

Officially, the 80’s release is War of the Worlds, but the 2019 release is The War of the Worlds (only difference is The). The scene on the other hand tends to use years or country codes to differentiate between similarly named series, in this case a year.

In both cases, unique names are used, they just do them different ways.

ok thanks I’ll try and figure out sonarrs rejection logic and I’ll see if I can pick up a little more. Its been awhile since somebody thru terms like “dupe” or “nuke” at me lol I think I learned those back when my top of the line biggest I could get 8gb hard drive was spinning and I could here it spinning 2 rooms away. Thanks for your patience

In terms of Sonarr’s rejections, if it can’t find a matching title it’s “unknown”, that is either a match by the series title from TheTVDB or an alias.

There is in v3.

Hmm so I forgot to ask. You have updated the alias so now do I have to wait for sonarr to pull a file with that alias mapped in order to automatically download that particular series

It’ll update every 3 hours or run the Update Scene Mapping task to force it.

Interesting. You probably made the right correction to the mapping but I still cant get rid of the “unknown series” warning and so cant DL any source? Any one know whats up with that?

edit: clicking on the tvdb link in sonarr for this show brings up a this page was deleted. Here is the show on imdb though War of the Worlds

Yeah, turns out two networks are actively releasing shows with almost the same name, the aliases will be fixed in the next refresh of them.

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