Plex Watchlist Import Failing - Bug

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Windows 10
Trace logs: 0bin - encrypted pastebin
Description of issue:
I have an authenticated plex watchlist configured to search for missing episodes and to automatically search and download. It has worked like a charm the last 3 months.

However, as of the last few days it hasn’t been able to locate TVDB Id numbers to then search and download.

It may be worth noting I am using Prowlarr and Radarr. Radarr is configured in the same way and is successfully importing. This leads me to believe it may be TVDB related rather than Sonarr itself.

At some point (possibly not recently) Plex stopped returning the IDs that Sonarr uses to match items in the Watchlist and somewhat recently we stopped trying to add items that were missing any known identifiers because people were getting the wrong shows added. Your best option at this time is to use the Plex RSS Import instead, but that requires PlexPass.

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