Please add customizations to Sonarr's "Upgrade Until" option to offer more configurations

Currently can only upgrade to a certain resolution. For example 1080p Bluray. As I understand it, once you hit 1080p Bluray, it will no longer upgrade even if it finds a preferred profile word file.

What I would like to add is conditions. So I want all my episodes to be 1080 Bluray and x265 and 5.1 channel sound. So basically add the ability to add all of my Preferred release profiles options and have them based on the scores…

Heres how it would work:
I set up a “Everybody Loves Raymond”
My options are I want them to download in 720/1080p
In m release profile I have preferred x265 (score of 25) , 5.1 (score of 10) , english subtitles (score of 5)
In my restrictions I have 7.1, 3d, and Burnt in always on subtitles

In my Profile for 720p/1080p I have Upgrade Until Bluray 1080p
Below that I can specify different levels of my preferred options list: 5.1, English subs, x265.

I can choose all 3 or any other combination. if I chose all 3 The top score of 25 for x265 becomes the most important, So if it finds a release that is x265 it will download it even if it also finds english subtitles and/ or 5.1 sound based on total score (10+5 <25)

TL/DR I know I made it complicated so please change Upgrade until feature to be able to include preferred terms based on total score and/or individual scores.

This is incorrect. It won’t upgrade to a different quality, but will upgrade via preferred words or language profile (until the cutoff is met there).

Quality profile does not have any link with preferred words and there is no plan for there to be one, they will upgrade independent of each other.

Is there any way to tell it what the cutoff is? I mean does it use the score to determine what is more important?

The cutoff for quality/language is in the profile, for preferred words there is no cutoff (at least at the moment).

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