ParsingService|No matching series

Sonarr version:

OS: Win11 x64

Debug logs here:
Sonarr Logs

Issue: Sonarr has been working fine for a long time and I’ve only just encountered the issue with one TV show that will not import. I download the files successfully but the files are never moved. It seems like due to the generic name it cannot match a series, although I can find the series on Sonarr search and add it, the series also exists on TVDB.

2023-08-24 23:07:38.6|Debug|ParsingService|No matching series Wolf

I’ve read this is something to do with scene mapping - but all the threads I found seemed to be pretty old. Is there something I can do to fix this?

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Don’t upload logs to google docs as covered in the linked wiki article on logs in the template.

This is covered in the FAQ

Sorry about that, here’s a GIST link instead:

Is there anyway to edit the original post?

If the series title is not Wolf then it won’t match and an alias is likely required (if not already added):

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