Overlook designated string when renaming episodes

Hi Guys,

Looking to see if anyone knows a way to overlook a designated string when renaming episodes? I’m running a script on some files and when the script is completed I’m deleting the source file and keeping the new with an appended keyword on it e.g:
“TVShow - S01E01 - 1080p.mp4” will become “TVShow - S01E01 - 1080p**.keyword**.mp4”.

I’m using this keyword as a way to not run the script on the same file twice so I can’t append this when the file is originally imported and renamed by Sonarr because then it wont run the first time.

My Process is:

  • File Placed in Sonarr folder
  • Sonarr renames, organises and makes the file available
  • At an undesignated time the script will run on the file which will now include the new keyword
  • Sonarr will reimport the new file but it will be left in a state of not being renamed correctly.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.