Options not persistent?

Sonarr version
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: Win10 x64
Debug logs:
Description of issue: Series settings don’t persist

First time trying this type of prog & it has a few ‘quirks’ that may be features & not bugs :wink:

The issue is in Series>Options - the settings don’t persist.
Every time I start the prog the posters are all large, the sort is back to default etc.
Should these settings persist? I cannot find any direct reference to this on the wiki etc.
All my other settings save as I’d expect.

AFAIK Sonarr is fully whitelisted & not saving these settings is annoying to say the least… :grimacing:
Do I need to manually edit an ini or sth?
Any help appreciated.

Settings are saved in your browser local storage.

Something is clearing that

Not a bug. No ini file exists.

OK thanks.
Was hoping it would be a script/ini etc outside the browser as the other settings seem to be.
If it is the localhost cookie it will be lost every time I clean the browser :roll_eyes: AFAIK this browser doesn’t allow selective cleaning, will investigate.

Looks like I can still protect specific cookies - those settings dialogs are not named as they used to be but it is possible with some digging
Options are being saved now … Thanks for the pointer bakerboy448 :slight_smile: