Option to remap serie

It’s relatively common that in some tracker they do not use the correct name of the series (beyond the name in different languages ​​that is solved with Sonarr Scene Naming)

For example, it’s common for them not to include the year in the name when there is a previous series with the same name.

It would be useful to be able, at the series level, to configure a remapping of the name of the series (either by language or to exclude the year) so that the search is done by that remapped name instead of the one received from TVDB.

This option could be included as an advanced option to avoid misleading people who have less knowledge of the tool.

It seems to me an elegant solution that would end with some headache, in my tracker many of the contributors do not name the episodes correctly, and they do not correct it even if it is suggested to them.

Sorry about my english

Thanks for the job!!! It is a great tool!!!

No plans to ever introduce this.

This is also covered on the FAQ

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