Option to adjust metadata source

When using Sonarr with Plex, they use the new Plex TV Series Agent, with a lot of anime now being more recognized without switching to an alternative agent, some of the seasons and episode orders are messed up in comparison.

For example, One Piece. Sonar Recognizes Season 1 as 8 Episodes, but plex’s new agent using their data recognizes Season as 61 episodes, and across the 21 seasons there are quite a few inconsistencies.

This leads to either having to name these files incorrectly to match Plex, in order to pull the correct metadata. Or having Sonarr naming it per it’s scheme and the episodes not appearing correctly in plex.
I apologize for any poor wording or phrasing, I just wanted to bring this mismatch to someone’s attention and see if there is a way to change the source that could be implemented to match Plex’s a bit closer so the choice isn’t one or the other.

Not going to happen. Also a quick search word have found dozens of previously rejected requests.

Also tmdb isn’t better than TVDb and has its own issues and headaches…it’s been explored

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Thank you for the information I really appreciate that! :smiley:

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