Only want first season searched and downloaded when adding a series via API


Hi Everyone

I have got Flexget fetching series lists from Trakt. It then adds the series and seasons to Sonarr. All the seasons are monitored and marked for download. I would like to add a series, but only mark the first season as monitored and the rest unmonitored, same as the “First Season” option when you add a series manually.

I seem to be able to add the whole series as unmonitored, but then I have to go and manually deselect the later series.

I have spent a few days on this now, going through forums and wikis and can’t seem to find the answer.

Help would be appreciated.

variables: secrets.yml

priority: 1
- seen
- seen_info_hash
- retry_failed
account: “{? trakt.account ?}”
username: “{? trakt.account ?}”
account: ‘{? trakt.account ?}’
list: ‘{? trakt.series ?}’
type: shows
- trakt_watched: reject
accept_all: yes
- sonarr_list:
port: 8989
api_key: ‘{? sonarr.api ?}’
ignore_episodes_with_files: yes
root_folder_path: “/{? folder.series ?}”
search_missing_episodes: false
monitored: no


the sonarr api doesnt seem to have that capability (the monitor options from the gui) during series creation

you could request that as an api enhancement, and if implemented then request the sonarr_list plugin for flexget to support it

or you could request the sonarr_list plugin at flexget be updated to do it as a possible second request once the series exists

if youre handy with python you could have a look at the sonar_list plugin code yourself, its at


Thanks for the response, much appreciated. Will have a look at the enhancement requests.


Not sure when it was introduced, but I’m running v3 and it has a “monitor first season only” option when adding series.
You could check from your browser’s dev console what the api call looks like when adding series with this option so you can do the same thing on flexget’s side.


Great idea, I had a look at the source and there is definitely another option setting under monitored.

The Flexget API is still using V2 though which does not have that option and there seems to be a register call for V2.

I will load a feature request on Flexget and see what happens.


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