On Stalled Torrent Event as Webhook

Is it possible to add an “On Stalled Torrent” event to Webhook Connection?

Sonarr devs have been somewhat hesitant to add bits to manage stalled torrents, so as a workaround I would like to use autoremove-torrents (https://github.com/jerrymakesjelly/autoremove-torrents) with shell2http (https://github.com/msoap/shell2http).

This would allow users to run a shell command when a HTTP Post command is issued. For instance, running /autoremove-torrents will trigger shell2http to run autoremove-torrents, which scans select Bittorrent clients for torrents using user-specified criteria (time since creation, time since last activity, progress, categories, status, etc.) and removes them from the Bittorrent client so that another torrent or usenet can be found in RSS and Sonarr will grab it instead of sitting on a stalled torrent indefinitely.

Sounds like you could just set up a schedule to remove stalled torrents? https://github.com/jerrymakesjelly/autoremove-torrents#setting-up-scheduled-tasks

Yes, I have a task scheduled to run daily at 5:00 PM, but it would nice to trigger the action when the stalled event occurs in Sonarr (etc).

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