Old downloads coming back to the queue in a strange state

Sonarr version (exact version):

Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):

Windows Server 2019

Debug logs:

Description of issue:
I recently renamed all of my series folders to include the date the series first aired (using tinyMediaManager - shout out to another great tool!).

Sonarr was shutdown at the time.

I looked for a way for Sonarr to easily adapt to this change, but when I started it up it just wanted to make series folders in the old name.

Not wanting to waste time, I simply deleted all of my series and imported them again. All was good.

Now Sonarr is randomly adding 1-2 items to the activity queue in a strange state: download icon is yellow and the tooltip says “Downloaded - waiting to import” and shows a filename that is not active in the download client or in the filesystem (SABnzbd complete folder). I remove them and add them to the blocklist and a minute later 1-2 more come back.

The only clue I can see is that these entries come from series that are monitored; not sure I’ve seen any from unmonitored series that have ended.
To be clear, the show it is referring to is already on disk and could have been grabbed by Sonarr days, weeks, months ago.

I’m tempted to clean out Sonarr’s DownloadHistory and/or History tables, but not sure the downsides to that. When I look at the tables directly in DB Browser for SQLite, I do see the files that the tooltips are referring to, so it must be something with that, right?


i think it has to do with the engine used. Cause the same thing appears on radarr as well. Massive amount of itmes on queue that are just sitting there. Usually appear after you add a movie or delete a movie.