Oddness with mismatch between ui season number and searched number and missing seasons

Sonarr version (exact version):
OS: Win 10
Description of issue:

Added “The Apprentice: You’re Fired” (imdb tt0495247)

Current season is S17 according to the tvdb, and imdb, and tmdb
Current season according to Sonarr is S18

If I search for episodes in S18 via Sonarr, it searches for S19

S8 and S9 are missing in Sonarr, but present in tvdb/imdb/tmdb

Any ideas what’s up here? can anyone confirm this happens for them too ? Any fixes/workarounds?

Reading other posts… this may be relevant too…

https://services.sonarr.tv/v1/scenemapping does have an entry for this show, (87711) with season -1… this fits with the most recent scene releases being S18 for this show vs the latest season being known as S17 in the tvdb/tmdb/imdb etc.

I think Sonarr is assuming it’s most recent season number needs 1 adding to find releases, which would be accurate if Sonarr had the most recent season as S17, (which would lead to searches for S18, which would be correct today) … except somehow Sonarr has the most recent as S18, leading to searches for a non existent S19.

Feels like a bug where Sonarr has added 1 to every season within the UI, but also still adds 1 when searching. I tried a manual import to S18, and it did indeed place the file into S18, which Plex etc understandably didn’t understand.

None of this explains where S8 and S9 have gone within Sonarr.

Update… after manually importing S18x01 then renaming the file and season folder (so plex etc could understand it)… Sonarr now shows S17 as the most recent, AND season 8 and 9 are now present.

Either something got fixed somewhere, or an odd bug has just sunk beneath the waves :wink: