NullReference Exception on Adding Show


Sonarr version (exact version):
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OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
Debug logs:
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Description of issue: Adding the show NBA All-Star Weekend (tvdb: 267081) throws a NullReference Exception.


I’m not seeing this exception, what are you naming settings (namely series folder)?


Series Format: {Series TitleYear} {[ImdbId]}{[TvdbId]}

Season Format: Season {season:00}


Could be because it didn’t find an IMDB match?


Yeah, it’s the lack of IMDB ID. You can remove that for now, add then re-add it while we add a fix for it.


The latest update seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks.

Another issue that I have noticed while adding the same show is that if I add TvMazeId too to the series folder format ({Series TitleYear} {[ImdbId]}{[TvMazeId]}{[TvdbId]}), it becomes zero (NBA All-Star Weekend (2018) [0][267081]) when the folder is created. I am assuming this is because the series does not exist on TVMaze too. However, I was always under the assumption that any missing value in brackets will simply not be added, not that it will be added as zero. Is this by design?


It’s the difference between not existing and 0, 0 is a valid value, so it’s included. We’ll have to make a change for that.

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