Notification of thetvdb changes

I’ve noticed recently that several shows have been changed dramatically in thetvdb. 2 examples are ‘Come Dine with Me’ and the Big Fat Quiz. Both were using standard series type numbering but then changed to using the Year as the season. Of course this messed up how things were in Sonarr.

Would it be possible to add a notification (telegram, email, etc) for when ‘old’ series information is changed? That way I at least know to go looking to see if I need to redo the files?

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Another use might be for when thetvdb keeps going back and forth on whether an episode is part of a season vs a special.

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+1 on this. i have ~2000 series and it happens all the time. I only ever figure it out by pure luck or if the series is completely removed

To begin with TVDB has always listed certain episodes wrong. .5 episodes for example. The creators meant them to be .5 episodes, but TVDB insist that they are specials.

Not disagreeing at all but their incorrect listing isn’t really the core issue I’m posting about. listing an episode differently than the creators is something than be handled through XEM.

This is more about a way to get notification when someone at tvdb goes in a makes changes (big or small) to how they list things.

Another example is Robot Chicken. Last year, someone went in a decided that all Christmas episodes were actually part of each season. So suddenly the seasons each were incomplete and out of order. I just went in and looked and I think they made changes again so my series is listing incorrectly. This is a perfect example. They completely changed the season/specials breakdown and I only knew because I went looking for an example.

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