Not post processing files on mac w/Transmission

Sonarr version (exact version):
Mono version (if Sonarr is not running on Windows):
OS: OSX Sierra 10.12.1
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

I use Transmission as the download client. My folder structures are as follows:

/Media/TVShows - where I want the shows to live but under their respective sub folders.
/Downloads - where Transmission stores the incomplete files.

In Sonarr under the Transmission client setting, I added the category directory “/Media/TVShows”. I have the option “Completed Download Handling” turned on.

I add a new series “Snowfall” (season 3) and I chose the folder: /Media/TVShows.

Transmission receives the torrents and starts downloading. When they complete, Transmission moves them to: /Media/TVShows/Snowfall.S03E01… etc.

Then Sonnr removes them from the queue and I get the email notification that they finished downloading. But there is no renaming, moving, folder creation or anything. If I look in Wanted > Missing, there are all the episodes. And if I manual import by selecting the folder it imports, renames and creates the relevant folders successfully.

I checked the logs and even turned on debugging mode but don’t see anything unusual. The output folders all have read+write access.

Any help appreciated, thanks!

Don’t have Transmission move them, Sonarr should be doing that. Also make sure Transmission isn’t removing them when they’re complete. You can have it pause, but not remove, otherwise that will prevent Sonarr from importing it.

Okay, so the only way I could get it to work was if I set the (in Transmission app) default folder to “same as torrent”. Why would that be? This will cause issues now for any other torrents I want to download outside of Sonnar. For example, I have an automation where Transmission picks up torrent files from a dropbox folder. Setting it to “same as torrent” will try to download the files directly to dropbox, which I don’t want to do.

You shouldn’t have to change that setting, it should just stay in the default download folder unless you set Directory in Sonarr’s Transmission settings and in that case use Category instead.

Nope, if I set the folder to just /downloads as “default download folder” in Transmission, Sonnar completely ignores it when the download is complete. It has to be “same as torrent file” otherwise it won’t work.

This doesn’t work:

Or even:

Results in:

Also, adding a category in the settings such as “TVShows” just creates a sub folder in downloads and still doesn’t process the files.

That’s expected.

What do the debug logs say in that case? Your previous debug logs don’t show anything regarding imports.

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