Not importing from Sabnzb all of a sudden


Mono Version
OS: Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS
Debug logs:
Description of issue:
Just noticed this week that after a show is done on Sabnzb Sonarr is not importing. I am having to manually import. I linked a trace above for a download of The Morning Show Season 2 Episode 3.
Nothing crazy stood out to me.


V2 is EOL, upgrade to v3

The Pastebin is not accessible. Please review the wiki link noted in the template which explicitly says to not use Pastebin.

On the same page for the logs is the download troubleshooting section, run through that

But also:

  • Post the full log to hastebin/pastebin/dropbox/google drive or something similar and link it here

Technically it doesn’t say

And is a thing

Perhaps clarify that up since blocks just about all logs?

Sure, there is a meaningful difference for you and I familiar about the existence, but if you don’t know, you’re likely to google and hit the first result. I’ve removed pastebin, I don’t think the topic template is an appropriate place to explain why not so use pastebin.

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oh is it really EOL. I was reading up on it and thought I read it was still beta.I will try that and see what happens.
thanks for the heads up.

Sorry about the pastebin stuff.

i’ve updated v3 and the Process Monitored Downloads in tasks looks like this. Stays spinning for hours. I have to restart Sonarr in order for all the downloads to get imported. The first restart doesn’t take. have to restart twice

again, review the wiki article and provide the requested logs. a long running task means nothing at all without additional information

see also the download troubleshooting article on the wiki page