Not HDTV-1080p?


let sonarr rename the episodes and include quality as part of the name - even if you need to re-scan your library, sonarr will use the quality assigned in the name. just as a test: add [WEBDL-1080p] before the extension to one of the files you’re getting problems with and rescan the folder, you’ll notice that sonarr will detect the file as WEBDL-1080p


that goes againt the naming policy that i’m using that plex and emby recommend.


youll need to do what markus101 asked

open the episode and go to the history tab
mouse over the question mark icon for one of the grab and the download entry for it

screenshot it, crop it, paste it here - for both



I have noticed that Joy’s releases are bad about not including the quality in the actual file name. And when Sonarr does the rename it doesn’t fall back to the Torrent name.


i’m using emby and the renaming is managed by sonarr without any problem!

my settings for renaming are: S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} [{Quality Title}]


here are some images from sonarr and emby! sonarr is renaming the episodes and emby accept the formatting S{season:00}E{episode:00} - {Episode Title} [{Quality Title}]


see for emby and for plex

the issue is not the naming convention being used.


again, the issue is not the naming convention being used.
sonarr is detecting it as WEBDL-1080p on the available downloads list and then setting it to HDTV-1080p after it has been downloaded.


as you can see, that episode from the photos was released yesterday as WEBDL-720p and sonarr rename it correctly. i suggested to use the quality in the name in case that you need to re-scan your library, that way sonarr will detect it as WEBL-1080p and not as HDTV-1080. something is wrong if it’s downloaded as WEBDL-1080p and is renamed or detected as HDTV-1080p if the quality is already in the name of the downloaded file


what has your episode got to do with this?
i will continue to use the naming convention that i currently use, and the one that both plex and emby recommend is used.

if sonarr detects it as WEBDL-1080p before download and then changes it ot HDTV-1080p after then i see that as a “bug”. regardless of whether the quality is in the file name or not, sonarr already knows it’s WEBDL-1080p before downloading it so should be able to recognise that after it has downloaded and tag it accordingly.


if you renamed manually the episodes AFTER sonarr has download it and process it, sonarr will detect it as HDTV-1080p because it will rescan the file! sonarr doesn’t have a way to detect it as WEBDL-1080p because you changed the file name! the only way it will re-detect it as WEBDL-1080p is if you tell it in the file name! if you’re NOT renaming the file manually, then, this doesn’t apply to this case and there is a bug somewhere! my episode is only used as a reference for the naming convention and how emby detect it correctly in case there is a bug in the code!


i didn’t rename it manually, sonarr renamed it.
again I DIDN’T CHANGE THE FILE NAME, sonarr renamed it as part of the download and import process.


Sonarr will use the name from the download client, which likely matches the file name in this case.

This is an issue with the file name, until that release group uses names that include the quality you’re going to have this problem with those releases.

This isn’t an issue with the naming format or anything else, it’s just garbage in, garbage out.

Plex and Kodiwill definitely both work with the quality in the file name, that’s never been an issue I assume the same is true for Emby.


the “bug” is with the uploader. you can see it in the screenshots

the OP is downloading a torrent with web-dl in the name presuming its a web-dl file - except the file inside the torrent does not actually contain web-dl in its name

sonarr only has the filename when importing so without web-dl in it sonarr cant see it as web-dl

there isnt a lot you can do when the uploader screws up like that. if they keep doing it you can blacklist their release name so sonarr wont download their torrents

if you want to keep using those releases then your only options are to manually rename the file (which in OPs case they dont want to do as they dont include quality type in the name) or you can edit the quality in sonarr so that sonarr knows what it is and wont keep looking for an upgrade.

changing the quality in soanrr is relatively easy though

just open the episode and click on the quality icon, then pick the correct one from the dropdown


thanks for the tip on changing the quality directly on the episode itself!

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