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I have been happily using Sonarr for years now. Great bit of kit, thanks!
Recently though it has been miss behaving. It still correctly downloads new episodes for shows as they become available, but searching for shows that have already aired (and likely not in the rss thingy) are failing. If I do a manual search for a popular show, you can see that I get no results and instead results for a different show. Bear in mind that the episode I am manually searching for did successfully get downloaded when the episode first aired… But after loosing some files, I am having to manually (outside of Sonarr) search for the lost shows and manually download and import them.

The longs don’t appear to show anything… assuming I am reading them correctly. No red or orange.

Jackett is my indexer with multiple sources enabled and just 1 indexer added in Sonarr with the API path of “/torznab/all/api”

Any help is appreciated.


We do not recommend doing this, it causes issues with all sorts of things.

This is an issue on Jackett’s side, if you look at the debug logs you’ll see the request Sonarr makes to Jackett and somehow it’s dropping the series title (or id) and just filtering on the season + episode by the looks of it.

Thanks for the reply.
I am not sure how long this problem has been around but it for sure hasn’t always been a thing.

Looking at the logs it does seem to be sending the series ID

21-1-3 15:02:46.8|Debug|Torznab|Downloading Feed http://localhost:9117/torznab/all/api?t=tvsearch&cat=5000&extended=1&apikey=(removed)&offset=0&limit=1000&tvdbid=357690&season=2&ep=8

Are there any know fixes for this? Or maybe a known working version of Jackett?


Not using Jackett myself, but presumably adding the indexers you have in there separately to sonarr, instead of the “all” indexer you have configured now.

That’s not really something I want to do. I have a lot of sources enabled in my Jackett. After reading up on this some more, it does seem that would “fix” the problem though. I would prefer for it to just work like it used to. I have no idea when this started but I promise it wasn’t always a thing. I don’t update my Docker containers that often, I don’t know if the images are up to date and I have no idea how long I have had this problem… So its hard to know which magic combinations of versions I was using before. If I hadn’t have lost some of my data and needed to re download older shows, I probably still wouldn’t have noticed the problem.


Best to petition Jackett’s devs then…

Yes I have created a post on the git.