Not finding shows in TVDB (The good place/ botched)

Sonarr version
OS: Windows 10
Debug logs:
Description of issue:

Sonarr is not finding shows that I know exist in TVDB:
The Good Place (311711)
Botched (283193)
Disenchantment (340234)
Fear the walking dead (290853)

I’ve tried searching and adding by TVDB ID, I already have a large selection of all (before moving to Sonarr) but now I’m looking to import/ add & have Sonarr manage.

Log should be here:!AqZVUnLJEFrfrQqCExvnNXZ0B5UU?e=n18vFI

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Same for me.

E.g. Fargo / 269613

The tvdb farce continues yet again. I have dozens of shows listed as “deleted”.

I have tried a manual refresh on a couple of them and it makes no difference.

I just retried it after an hour and now it works.

@gmc99 I do not think that status was Deleted at the time I saw the issue, but I have no way to prove that.

Avenue 5 also not being found when searching

Same problem here, it wont add Messiah - tvdb id is 373186 it wont find it even with a search on tvdb:373186

Same here, logs full of:

20-1-10 18:38:13.3|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Info for Westworld
20-1-10 18:38:13.7|Error|RefreshSeriesService|Series 'Westworld' (tvdbid 296762) was not found, it may have been removed from TheTVDB.
20-1-10 18:38:13.7|Info|RefreshSeriesService|Updating Info for What We Do in the Shadows
20-1-10 18:38:14.1|Error|RefreshSeriesService|Series 'What We Do in the Shadows' (tvdbid 358211) was not found, it may have been removed from TheTVDB.

Searching for "Man with a Plan" or with its tvdb id doesn't work either.

If you turn on the trace level logs, you’ll see that the problem is with the Sonarr Proxy service. For example, if you go to the TVDB ID for Westworld (296762):

You get a failure from the proxy:

Specifically this response:

{"message":"NotFound","description":" does not have a series with the tvdbid 296762, it may have been removed."}

But the show exists:

And the TVDB ID matches (on thetvdb.)

The problem is the Sonarr Proxy service or its ability to get a valid response from TheTVDB API.


I (probably) very stupidly did a manual refresh series.

This ran for an hour or more and was still only in the "C"s but looking at the health of my system it is now showing hundreds of “deleted” series.

I did a stop and restart of Sonarr which worked so the refresh is no longer running.

If I try and go into any series detail all I get is the pulsating circular blobs.

The same result from some of the other Sonarr screens in the GUI including the settings sub menus.

The moral for now seems to be not to do a series update,

Sonarr will correct itself once the upstream issues are resolved, so the best thing to do is just leave it.

Sonarr doesn’t hit the same website you use to browse thetvdb, it hits thetvdb’s api, with which there were so many issues when they implemented the new version… So I’m not really surprised it’s broken again…

I am getting the same problem. I wanted to watch happy little trees (79167) be made :expressionless:

Thank goodness at any rate that Sonarr keeps its existing downloaded metadata when a series appears to have been deleted from the TVDB. Imagine the chaos if the existing metadata was being cleared every time this error occurred!

The problem is TheTVDB APIs ability to function properly for more than a couple days at a time which causes Sonarr to display incorrect data based on that response.

the confirm, lots of apps that use the TVDB API are currently having the same problems.
it’s not a sonarr issue, it’s a tvdb issue.

Thank you for the appraisal of the situation. Sonarr has been a great program for getting the series and TVDB had been the best at looking for the info to update Sonarr with.
If would be a great thing to be able to bypass the proxy and add our own API for the TVDB since we do if for everything else.

What the Hey

I think you missed the problem…

Using your own API credentials wont make a difference when the source is the problem bud

This might be a stupid question… but…
why don’t you add the “the movie database” or IMDB as a backup for the agent ?, or even better, add Trakt api to it for better services.

I know that there are some projects on github to make the integration between them, but its for more advance user that have the whole grasp of docker and whatnot.

That has come up numerous times and has feature requests dating back years. It is not a priority or felt as needed to put it blunt.

ok, Ill give Traktarr a try and report back to see if its good.
I dont really like using docker on my synology nas environment, rather have program run straight from the system for better management. but hey… every bit helps right!